Our Story



Equipped with a consolidated understanding of life science over 30+ years, DAP E-nnovative Solutions Pvt. Ltd. initiated an educational endeavour in 2017 to support the digital maturity of life science organisations in Asia. Over the last couple of years, Digital Transformation Lab, has been able to successfully enable healthcare marketers to dive deeper into the latest and best ideas in integrated multichannel marketing solutions through educational enablement, re-analysis of customer value propositions and marketing dynamics.


To help businesses cater to a new ecosystem driven by advances in technology


To help build profitable pharmaceutical businesses in the digital economy

Engagement plan


Initial engagement with senior management to agree on project scope and timelines,
Capabilities audit to define scope and intensity,
Meet and greet with team leadership – expectations setting,
1:1 if required with selected team members to understand current work & identify areas to build capability


Agree on team prioritisation with senior leaders ,
Organise one “ice-breaker” workshop with business heads to jointly agree on the objectives, program flow and outcomes,
Conduct 5 workshops over 12 months (Business Head discussion + 1 workshop/quarter),
Workshop outcomes:
- Joint Action Plan (JAP)
- Appraise leadership on progress
- Agree on course correction


Partnership programs with DTL will be a regular feature in between workshops
While the workshops aim to help develop JAPs and involve course correction if required, the partnership program will involve working with the team shoulder-to-shoulder in executing those plans
These programs will be scheduled one per month and can be increased per need of the team


DTL will ensure that the team stays engaged with all things digital during and after the partnership
This will involve access to resources on The Online Digital Academy
These resources will be provided free to partner organisations Resources include among others:
- CEO interviews
- Latest updates on pharma and digital health
- Case studies
Our Founders

Sylvia Hii

Sylvia, through her last 12 years experiences in the life science and healthcare industry, has been working to bridge the gaps between advancements in information technology and the life science sector in multiple countries with a special focus on China, India, Singapore and Malaysia.


Salil Kallianpur

Partner & Co-founder of The Digital Transformation Lab Pte. Ltd. 24+ years of Commercial leadership experience across Emerging Markets and Europe. Most recently, a key executive member of the Global Established Products Leadership Team at GSK and member of the Board of Directors for GlaxoSmithKline Asia Pvt. Ltd.


With constant innovation in life science associated with Artificial intelligence based on big data analytics insights, forecasting healthcare models and revised marketing initiatives based on coopetition and disintermediation, it is important to know where the teams stands in terms of digital maturity compared to top global pharma companies around the world. The lab is designed to better understand company performance and provide best possible real-time consultative education and solutions designed for real-time relevance in the field.


Building digital capabilities for business. Connect the right channels and improve organisation credentials, enhance employee skills, maximise efficiency and results. Provide a customised and flexible model to shape the digital structure to meet the changing market demands.

Our Strategies



We have supported multiple companies over the last 15 years in developing and accomplishing the digital roadmap through landscape analysis, insight development, co-creation with patients and healthcare professionals, content and SEO. We manage to provide the best consulting and services through:
Multichannel strategy development
Customer digital needs – insights and analysis
Patient and HCP requirements workshops
Digital landscape/ecosystem analysis
Customer journey mapping, opportunity maps and channel selection
Multichannel planning
Measurement and KPI definition



Our Methodology


  • Audit current capabilities of the organisation (IT infrastructure, company policies, etc.) to understand what is and what isn’t in scope.
  • Understand strategic vision of the organisation (what does Sanofi intend its customers to perceive it as?)


  • Identify company’s business units where digital capabilities exist.
  • Prioritise these business units for transformation.
  • Build priority list for workshops, 1:1 consulting and on-the-job partnerships.


  • Priority business units will evaluate and introduce digital innovation (newer tools, content, technology, etc.)
  • This novelty and an omni-channel strategy will lay a strong foundation to “new orbit” customer engagement.


  • Use early successes as best-practice case studies across the organisation
  • Promote early successes and encourage calculated experimentation across the organisation
  • Allow for limited failure and course correct quickly